Men No Longer Need To Worry

Check out any news paper advertisement section and you will find advertisements from various clinics announcing proven techniques and treatment for male pattern baldness. If we were to say that men are more worried about their baldness and look for treatment options ready to spend thousands of dollars for their hair care, nobody would believe. Generally people tend to think that it is women who spend their dollars on beauty treatments, botox and plastic surgery etc. But you may be surprised to know that men tend to be more worried about their hair on their head and tend to spend more dollars as compared to women.

Millions of men all over the world suffer from Male Pattern Baldness. Whether it is in the US, Europe, Middle East, Russia or Asian countries, the MPB is a common problem faced by men. While most men are expected to have a receding hairline once they reach their sixties , those who have a problem of MPB may find themselves growing slowly bald from the age of thirties onwards.

A young man of thirty years is just beginning to make a mark in the world and is looking forward to building his identity and proving himself. If he begins to suffer from MPB, it can have disastrous effect on his self confidence and morale. Though functionally it should not matter as a bald head would have no impact on one’s life, men associate with MPB negatively and would prefer to be caught dead rather than remain bald. Somehow men seem to associate their baldness with the perception that they will not be liked by women. This is of course not true. For one thing, women do fall for good looks but not necessarily the amount of hair on the head of the man. It is the overall appearance and appeal that draws the person from the opposite sex to like you. At the same time, MPB makes men feel self conscious, inferior and lose their confidence and thus fall down in their own eyes.

Propecia is an effective drug that is prescribed by doctors world over for treatment of male pattern baldness. Propecia is a synthetic drug and is found to be most effective even for long term consumption spreading over ten years. Typically you will find men responding to every advertisement promising cure to their baldness and thus end up going for different types of treatments. Most men also go in for hair implantation which is an expensive proposition. Over a period of time, after several trials, they find that the external methods are no longer effective in controlling their baldness, do they go to a doctor. With the Propecia treatment, the results can be seen within a few weeks where the rate of hair fall reduces significantly. The beginning of reversing of hair fall is a good sign and gives confidence to the patient that his problem can finally be resolved. Propecia is not suitable for everyone and is associated with side effects including depression and moods etc. It is always better to take Propecia only under medical supervision.