In the present days, people have a lot of things to do. They remain busy in their office work. A short time is available for their enjoyment. Such people do not care about their health and eat junk food in their daily life. This food is the main reason of every type of health problem. As you know that high blood pressure is the mother of every medical problem and it is caused by the deposition of fats and oils on the walls of arteries. If you eat junk food then it will become the cause of blockage in blood flow and increase the blood pressure. This was the general view of professional doctors towards the health problem. Here our topic of discussion is about Propecia medication. Let us start our discussion with the uses of Propecia.

Propecia has a generic name which is Finasteride. This name is mostly used by the professional doctors and traders. If you are unable to find this medicine from the market then you can use this name in front of chemist shop. He will definitely give you this medicine. There are three uses of Propecia. These three uses are treatment of hair loss, male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia. The extensive use of Finasteride is in the treatment of hair loss. It is supposed to be a best medicine in the world which you can use without any trouble to increase the hair growth. You may be familiar from the name of a chemical substance which is DHT and its formation decreases the growth of hair. How a man becomes the victim of this health problem. Most of the people get this problem from inheritance. It means that any of the infected person’s parents will be suffering from this problem.

Now I shall tell you about the adverse effects of Finasteride. Some adverse effects are common and some are uncommon. These side effects include hives, rash, abnormal sexual function, abnormal ejaculation, face and lips swelling, impotence, erectile dysfunction and breast enlargement. These all side effects can cause other health problems in your body so it is better to treat them immediately. The use of this medicine also may cause Teratogenicity, male breast cancer and testicular pain. It is very necessary to treat these side effects as soon as possible. If you will get late then these side effects may be very severe.

Those who are the users of Propecia should have the information about it. These points are very important and every user should read them at least one time. These points are given below:

  • Always inform your doctor about those medicines which you are using with Propecia.
  • Tell your family doctor about those medical problems which you ever had or have. There may be a relationship between the hair loss and these health problems.
  • This medicine is only for men not for the women. Women should try to avoid it and if they are willing to use it then they should consult with a professional doctor.