Best Foods for Healthy and Fit Hair

Each healthy strand of hair is born from hair follicle. Therefore, for hair health, nutrients taken every day should be such that they enhance fortification of this hair follicle. However other factors also contribute to the look of the hair. Hormonal imbalances and smoking are just some of these factors that negatively affect your hair. In this article I focus on some of the foods that have significant effects on fitness and health of your hair.

Walnut is the only nut that is known to have high concentrations of omega3 fatty acids. Those nuts contain vitamin E and biotin which are vital for strong hair. The two also defends cells of your body from undergoing DNA damage. Superiority of these compounds is particularly important when it comes to shielding your hair from the sun. When the level of biotin is too low, you are likely to suffer hair loss. Copper in walnuts is also necessary for maintenance of natural hair color.

Salmon a tasty fish not only contains vitamin D necessary for strong hair, but also has omega3 fatty acids. Those fatty acids when taken by your body have health benefits as they stimulate growth of strong and fit hair. These fatty acids make at approximately 3 percent of hair shaft. They are also found in skin cell membranes of scalp and in oils that you hair hydrated.

Egg which is a rich source of protein contains selenium, Iron, sulfur and zinc. Precisely, iron helps in making compounds necessary for transportation of oxygen to the hair follicles. Anemia which is a result of low amounts of iron is characterized by loss of hair especially in women.

Beta carotene which is found in sweet potatoes is turned into vitamin A by the body. Not a single cell in the body can function without this essential vitamin. It also assists in production of oils that protect and maintains your scalp. Low amounts of vitamin A translate to itchiness and high density of dandruffs.

Lack of zinc leads to hair loss! Oysters contain high percentage of this element. Fortified cereals also contain some zinc for maintenance of gorgeous hair. Proteins which contribute to health are also available in oyster. It is worth noting that hair is made of approximately 97 percent protein. Proteins help in hair replacement in case you lose some it naturally.

Legumes like lentils, though small in size, contain iron, biotin, zinc and enough proteins. Some people take it as their staple food. Greek yogurt is another high protein food that contains vitamin B5 and also vitamin D. Research shows that vitamin D is essential for health of hair follicle.

Super fruits such as blueberries contain high amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin enhances scalp circulation and gives support to capillaries that serve the hair follicle. If you have too low amounts of this powerful vitamin, you may end up breaking your hair.

In addition, poultry contain significant amount of proteins, iron, vitamin B and zinc. These help in making hair strands strong and in plenty. Taking foods that have high concentration of proteins mean that you are, in a way, making more hair.

To move health of your hair to the next level, ensure that you take these nutritious foods or their equivalents.